Hill Country Classic

This Hill Country Classic design -  a fusion of indigenous materials and classic lines puts all day-to-day living on one level for empty nester owners, but has a very large second floor viewing room to take advantage of expansive views.  Visiting children will use main level bedrooms with easy bathroom access and oversized closets.  The “kids’ kids” will bunk down in the viewing room upstairs.  A front porch large enough to furnish and the master bedroom window seat enjoy the same long views.  Nearly every room has an interesting ceiling of some sort; even the hall to the backdoor and powder room has a barrel vault under the stairs to dress it up while the foyer has a light cove overhead.  The media room can be closed off from the family room with barn doors or open for circulation during family gatherings.  Bathrooms have oversized doors and master shower is barrier free for aging in place and/or accessibility for visitors.  By the back door there are “quarters” for the family dogs; in inclement weather they will have the laundry (complete with doggie shower) and laundry hall to themselves.  But, most of the time they will have the run of the best part of the house – the very large back porch with breezeway placed to channel the prevailing SSE breezes onto the porch which could otherwise have been too warm and still.  An outdoor fireplace extends the outdoor living season.  A day-to-day pantry provides the usual, but an oversized pantry by the backdoor stores those bulk items the family needs.  For even more storage, the garage roof was raised to enlarge attic over the garage and workshop. 

Outdoor living was a big part of this design, as you can see.  Once you step out into the yard you’ll see native trees were preserved where possible, local rock used for landscape beds, and even an artificial stream to greet visitors was added.  Some turf area softens the landscape, but many native plants are employed and the rest of the property is left in its natural state .

The home is very energy efficient with all air conditioning equipment and ducts inside conditioned space (spray foam attic insulation), geo-thermal heat pump, BIBS wall insulation, foam board insulation on the outside, good solar orientation (home placed on East-West axis), deep porches for shade on many south facing windows, energy efficient windows with a thermal break, windows placed for both heat chimney and cross ventilation natural cooling and good daylighting.  Indoor air quality is addressed by separating the garage and workshop from main house.

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