With simpler, cleaner lines than the typical “Tuscan” home in its area this home in a golf course community marries the wife’s love of Spanish design with her husband’s love of – GOLF! Homes close on either side limit what we can do visually with the sides, but the golf course at the rear and the manicured lawns to the front allow great use of glazing and outdoor spaces. To paraphrase the old real estate expression: the three most important parts of this design are views, views and views. Stylistically our intention was to “lighten up” from the heavy handed looks that have dominated the market lately and get something a bit more ethereal and gracious with more stucco and less rock accented with some more subtle design features like windows in deep recesses, clay pipe vents, simple light fixtures, gentle stucco banding, cleaner bracket detailing than usual, a lighter touch with iron doors and grates and a low profile tile roof.

The rear dining porch and outdoor living room with their panoramic views will be used frequently.

Many special touches designed for this couple make the home stand apart from similarly sized homes in the neighborhood. Windows were sized to capture views but also to receive window treatments being brought from a previous home. The his and hers bath is divided by a wall that is open above the mirrors and terminates on one end with a wall facing the master bedroom that will receive a large decorative mirror to be provided by the owner. Her closet has a small dressing area IN the closet so she can choose her wardrobe as she puts on her make-up and jewelry all in one spot. Multiple user friendly storage areas were provided for the owners who are consolidating from two homes into one. Nearly every room has some kind of interesting ceiling treatment, possibly the nicest being the dining room with its articulated recess accented with a removable painted canvas at the top. A barrel ceiling at the butler’s pantry was fairly cost effective because of its small size but gave the faux finisher an opportunity to do a “brick” ceiling the owner loves. The wife does a lot of crafts and projects herself so needed a small ventilated space for that which is just outside the door in the garage. A blank wall in the kitchen will receive shelves handcrafted by the owner to display found objects. Again in an attempt to be less heavy handed than a lot of homes we have seen lately, the stone chimney angles inward to soften the look.

The owners requested a two story living room to capitalize on the view from second story balcony, but to soften that height we added stone part way up the wall to keep human scale on the first floor. It was a joy working with this couple and it is our hope that the home, more than anything, expresses their personalities and affinities, creating a safe and happy space for THEM.

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