Janet Hobbs

    Janet Hobbs, AIBD
     Our Fearless Leader

Since the rest of this website is dedicated to telling you what Janet does for a living, we’ll leave her passion for design aside for a moment. When she gets a break from designing, she is usually trying to save the world through one cause or another, doting on her two grown children, traveling with her husband, hiking or running in West Texas (or just at Town Lake), or, when the stars and moon align just perfectly, sailing on Lake Travis or clamming at low tide at Martha’s Vineyard.

    Alicia Norman
    Executive Director / Remodeling Specialist

Alicia has been with Hobbs’ Ink since December of 2010. She handles office-y things for us like making prints of your plans, but is an excellent drafter in her own right. She works on new homes as well, but has become our remodeling specialist. Her love of design, and especially of creating inviting environments for people to come home to, has helped her to quickly get up to speed as a productive member of our team.

   Armando Reyes
    Senior Drafter

Armando has worked with Janet off and on since 1986. An accomplished artist in other fields – most notably as a rock and roll drummer (you may catch him with Adrian & the Sickness, or Skorpio Rising) – he brings an eye for detail & geometry of a home to his work with us. Difficult roofs are no challenge for this very patient and accomplished member of our team. If you and I can think of it he can make it work!


    Sarah Marcoulides
     Senior Drafter

Sarah Marcoulides (Sarah explains, “pronounced like ‘Archimedes’”) has been with Hobbs’ Ink since March of 2016 and working in the fields of architecture and design for over a decade. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Sean, with whom she has two young children. In their spare time, Sarah and her family enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors, hiking, camping, and kayaking. 

    Devon Slack

Devon, our intern, has been with Hobbs’ Ink since July of 2016.  She has taken classes in CAD and finds herself drawn to architecture and design.  Her goal is to learn drafting skills and business etiquette for the future. The “middle-est” child of four children, she can most often be found competing with her older brother's academic record or chasing down and distracting the twins before they break something. She enjoys listening to music, taking awfully energetic walks, and baking gluten-free cookies and crumbles. 


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