Family Angle

This home is a synthesis of ideas not just from us but from various family members. The Dad built furniture and had a vision for his office. The Mom asked for a ceiling that fought the roof lines, but gives the kitchen character now. The son wanted interesting geometry from a birds eye view. The very dynamic family sought out the unusual lot in a well known area but off the beaten path. This propensity for seeking the unusual helped us find whimsy in the design in many ways. The very challenging site gave us lots of parameters to work with – power lines that caused us to have to move farther off the easement than the plat would have indicated, steep hillsides that can’t support conventional septic, driveway needing to meander to keep slope manageable, trees that had to be honored, all gave us lots of “opportunity.” In the end we find ourselves with a home that has unlimited ways to experience the outdoors from family vegetable garden to indoor/outdoor workshop to covered deck with a view, spa, outdoor kitchen and, my favorite, the yard bounded by the breezeway (floor of which was hand built to keep from damaging tree roots), home and garage apartment with the beautiful oak tree at its center. 
We planned for energy efficiency but were rewarded beyond our expectations. In the first 7 months the family lived there they paid not one cent in electric costs. It has already won one national green building design award for its many green features. But, mostly, the home fits. It fits the lot. It fits the family. It fits the neighborhood. It fits the view. It just fits.

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